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Xianfeng heavy treasure is a kind of copper coin. The copper coin is very exquisite. The handwriting is clear and deep. The copper material is fine. It is light red or yellow. The money is exquisite. There is no trace of it. It is slightly larger and heavier than the money circulating in the same edition.



[collection name]: Xianfeng treasure ten


Class: Coins


[Specification]: weight 15g, diameter 3.88cm


"Xianfeng heavy treasure" is called "Xianfeng Yuanbao" when the value is higher than 50, which is different from Xiaoping Qian's "Xianfeng Tongbao". Although Xianfeng heavy treasure dangshiqian is a kind of low value coin in Xianfeng big money, it is also the most concerned and appreciated value coin by ancient spring lovers due to its early casting time and wide circulation area. Among many big money of Xianfeng, ten coins are the most important treasure of Xianfeng. It has the longest casting period, the largest quantity, the most layout and the widest circulation, all of which occupy the first place in Xianfeng big money. Since the third year of Xianfeng, Baoquan, yuan, Zhi, Ji, Ji, Ji, De, Shan, Gong, Fu, Su, Zhe, he, Wu, Baochang, Yun, Chuan, GUI, Qian, (Bao'an) Di, Yi, Aksu, Kashi, ye erqiang, Kuche and other money bureaus have successively forged ten big coins of Xianfeng, and put them into circulation at the same time with Xiaoping. In addition to Bao'an money Bureau, there are only sample money issued by the Ministry, and other money bureaus have a large number of different editions, different forms, even different materials, different sizes of ten valuable treasures.


The categories of xianfengqian are very complicated, only 917 of which are collected in the Museum of Chinese history. At that time, the casting Bureau included: Quan, yuan, Zhi, Ji, Fu, Shan, Chang, he, De, Jin, Yun, Dong, Wu, GUI, Zhe, Ji, Tai, Su, Gong, Chuan, Qian, Nan, Guang, Yi Li, di Hua, ye erqiang, Kuqa, Aksu, etc. It has been handed down to Diao mu, Da Xiang, Xiao Ping Qian and Baofu Bureau for calculating value and weight, which are rare. Baodi Bureau in Xinjiang "Dang 80" is precious.



This piece of "Xianfeng treasure Dangshi" was made by the Qing Baoquan Bureau. It's round on the outside and square on the inside. It's a piece of iron and copper. It's extremely rare and beautiful



The main reason is that "rare things are precious". The amount of coins in existence is the most important factor affecting the collection value of ancient coins. Taking the period of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom as an example, due to the short period, some sample coins just tried to be cast were replaced by the next period's coins, which were naturally of high value and less quantity. However, some powerful dynasties use the same kind of currency for a long time and use a large amount of money, which naturally affects the appreciation potential.


“咸丰重宝当十”一直被收藏家们视作无价之宝。地域性政权发行货币的时间也相当短,加上流通地域狭小,所铸货币价值不菲。另外,由于改行纸钞,铜币发行量较少,故价格也较高。 “咸丰重宝当十”以其诸多特色吸引着古钱币爱好者,甚至于不懂古钱币的“圈外人士”,都是因其具有其它钱币的不可 比拟的魅力所致。由于咸丰当十钱币属于大型古钱币,而且多局、多版、多字体、多纹记、多材质等,不仅是初学者的宠爱,也是专家研究的对象,还是一般人把玩 的掌中物呢,魅力所在。

"Ten treasures of Xianfeng" has always been regarded as priceless by collectors. The time for regional regime to issue currency is also quite short. In addition, the circulation area is narrow, so the currency value is not poor. In addition, due to the change of bank notes, the issuance of copper coins is less, so the price is also higher. "Xianfeng treasure Dangshi" attracts ancient coin lovers with its many characteristics, even "people outside the circle" who don't understand ancient coins, all because of its incomparable charm of other coins. Because xianfengdang ten coins belong to large-scale ancient coins, and they are not only the favorite of beginners, but also the object of experts' research, and also the object of common people's play, where the charm lies.


“咸丰重宝当十”与各种大面值钱币的风格一般比较相象,又具备一些小平钱的特点,所以是绝对不能缺少的;同时它们 又可以单独作为当十系列的收藏,比起那些体积太小或者文字古怪的古钱币,不需要费多大精神就可以辨认清楚,而且由于传世多于出土,光亮亮的色彩更有说不出 的漂亮,无论纵排还是横列都绝对不亚于任何一款其它钱币。古钱珍品“咸丰重宝当十”具有极高的收藏价值。

The style of Xianfeng heavy treasure Dangshi is generally similar to that of all kinds of large denomination coins, and it has the characteristics of some small coins, so it is absolutely indispensable; at the same time, they can be used as the collection of Dangshi series alone. Compared with those ancient coins which are too small in size or have strange characters, they can be identified without much spirit. Moreover, because they are handed down more than unearthed, they are bright The bright color is more beautiful than any other coin, no matter in vertical or horizontal row. The treasure of ancient money "Xianfeng heavy treasure Dangshi" has a very high collection value.






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